The first Annual Report in the history of SwissABILITY is finally online!

The SwissABILITY Members’ Assembly on 15 April 2023 provided the opportunity to present the Annual Report 2022, prepared by the operations team, to all members and supporters.

When the Board of Directors launched SwissABILITY in September 2022, they surely did not think that in just seven months it would have such a string of successes that the Association would already be a reference in the countries where it operates.

SwissABILITY was created with the mission to enable as many people as possible in the Global South to regain mobility and lead a dignified and self-sufficient life. In 2022, the basis was laid for this to happen, thanks to the implementation of development projects that marked the beginning of the Association’s concrete work.

Mozambique, Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone are the four countries where SwissABILITY is currently active, with projects related to physical rehabilitation, infrastructure construction and the donation of means of self-sufficiency, to enable as many people as possible to live a dignified and independent life. Thanks to SwissABILITY’s current projects, over 2,000 people with disabilities will regain mobility and be able to return to an active life, thanks to the construction or rehabilitation of two orthopedic centres in Senegal and Ghana and the training of orthopedic professionals. In Mozambique, at least 20 families living in extreme poverty will receive disaster resilient housing this year. A carpentry workshop is also being built to give young people a place to train and learn. Finally, means of self-sustenance such as grazing animals, vehicles and agricultural tools are being distributed to 300 families.