We promote collaboration, and respect the principles of humanity, neutrality and impartiality. The people we serve remain central in our hearts as we allow ourselves to be lead by our advisory board for guidance and assistance.

Our strategy

Our working strategy is based on collaboration. As a well-known African proverb says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

We connect our donors with the realistically assessed needs of people and collaborate with institutions and partners both abroad and in Switzerland. We create synergies between the Global North and South in favor of our beneficiaries.

We believe that our projects are successful because of our collaboration with our donors, partners and colleagues in the field who each invest their resources, skills and time.

Our principles

Humanity, neutrality and impartiality.
SwissABILITY maintains a neutral position in any country in which it operates.

Dignity and respect for the person.
Everyone has the right to be heard, cared for, protected, and educated. Furthermore, everyone has the right to have the same level of opportunity to reach their maximum potential, regardless of their social background, culture, ethnicity, age, gender, political and religious views.

In particular:

  • We work in partnership with those who share our values, which in turn, strengthens their autonomy.
  • We create our programs in collaboration with our beneficiaries, in an innovative and sustainable way.
  • We value the local context and are committed to create situations of neutrality, promoting peace and intercultural dialogue even in the most fragile situations.
  • We collaborate with civil society, local and national governments and the private sector, and promote the exchange of resources and expertise between the parties.
  • We promote transparency and good governance in the local context, especially in places where corruption is present.
  • We work efficiently and result-oriented, with an open approach to change and learning.
  • We believe in the personal and professional development of everyone involved in our programs: employees, volunteers and partners.