We provide comprehensive support to people with disabilities
and aim to offer people the opportunity to live a dignified life
in Africa and beyond.


Enable as many people as possible in the Global South, to regain mobility and lead a dignified and self-sufficient life.


Our mission is to provide ABILITY to people in the Global South through physical rehabilitation, the creation of infrastructure and provision to ensure that everyone can live a self-sufficient life.

Our commitment is to bring ABILITY in three vital sectors of the person and his environment:

physical rehabilitation

Sierra Leone 2023 | SwissABILITY

We bring rehabilitation services, orthopedic trainings and prosthetic solutions – offering artificial legs and arms as well as assistive devices – to people who have lost mobility. Beyond restoring a person’s mobility, we also provide them with the tools and means to practise a productive lifestyle.


Mozambique 2022 | SwissABILITY
We build and rehabilitate infrastructures in the public health and education sectors. We particularly focus on orthopedic centers, health-related facilities, and homes for vulnerable and ictims of disasters, especially in the most marginal areas of the Global South.


Mozambique 2023 | SwissABILITY
We provide people from the most vulnerable communities with the means and tools to work and earn a living for themselves and their families. We donate working tools, farming equipment and animals, and transport equipment, and also provide professional training and coaching.



Construction of family houses for the most vulnerable people in central Mozambique

Provision of food and agricultural kits, means of transportation and start-up supply husbandry of animals for families in crises

Construction of an orthopedic centre and training for professionals in the Casamance region