A dream for tomorrow


July 2023 – June 2024


Maputo, Mozambique


40 children with severe disabilities

Area of intervention:

Ability in the infrastructure


Obra Dom Orione Institute

A dream for tomorrow” promotes inclusion and support for children with severe physical and brain disabilities in Mozambique, the elimination of the stigma and exclusion of which they are victims from their birth.

SwissABILITY supports the work of the “Obra Dom Orione Institute” in Maputo, which has been caring for numerous children with spasticity, disabilities, and severe motor and brain impairments since 2009, either on a fixed inpatient basis at the facility or on an outpatient basis.

In Mozambique, these services are almost nonexistent, and children with these conditions are often locked up at home, hidden from society, and frequently even abandoned by their families.

The Obra Dom Orione is the only institute in the Maputo area that shelters disabled children abandoned by their families while providing care, treatment and outpatient services to hundreds of other patients in a day care centre where trained therapists and dedicated staff care for them in a dignified and stimulating environment.

About 20 people are employed at the Obra Dom Orione Institute, which is not enough for all the work that is done on a daily basis. Personnel, infrastructure, equipment and vehicles are the urgent needs to be filled to ensure the smooth operation of the institute.

For this reason, SwissABILITY makes essential changes to ensure better care and services intended for the guest children. This involves modernization work on the centre and the purchase of materials that significantly improve the lives of children.

Phase I of the project includes:

  • Construction of an incinerator.
  • Paving of the outdoor space.
  • Purchase of a vehicle to transport the children.
  • Purchase of an industrial washing machine.
  • Purchase of a new dental chair.



Other projects

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Re-Ability Malawi

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Newsletter November 2023

A double mission to Uganda and Tanzania to visit local partners in order to support more and more people with disabilities.

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Donation of 50 prosthesis to Mwanza, Tanzania, on the occasion of December 3 – International Day of Persons with Disabilities.