From April 22nd to 29th, SwissABILITY was in Senegal to carry out a new training mission, which enabled the training of 19 orthopedic technicians and students, and to provide new prostheses to 16 amputee patients.

The training provided a valuable opportunity to inaugurate the new orthopedic centre built in Ziguinchor by SwissABILITY and the local partner, ISAD – Initiative Solidaire des actions de développement. The centre was built in 2023 and is now a reference point for all amputees in the region who, before our intervention, were forced to travel to Guinea-Bissau to receive care and rehabilitation services.

During the mission, we had the opportunity to donate a new prosthesis to Brigitte, who lost a limb in 2018 due to the explosion of a landmine, like many other people in the Casamance region. Unfortunately, the damage caused by the mine was too severe to betreated, and doctors had to amputate her leg below the knee. However, Brigitte did not let herself be defeated and courageouslyfaces the world with her beautiful smile, now also proudly sportingher new colourful leg.

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