Sadly, the Casamance region still has a large number of landmines scattered in the area. Men,women, and children who walk, work, or play there are potential victims of these illegal devices.

Despite the high number of amputees, either victims of mines, accidents or due to illnesses,there was previously no functioning orthopedic centre in the region. In response, SwissABILITY – together with local partner ISAD (Initiative Solidaire des Actions de Développement, formerly known as Association des victimes de mines) – formed a partnership to build an orthopedic centre in Ziguinchor that now serves the amputees in the region.

The construction of SwissABILITY’s new orthopedic centre in Ziguinchor was celebrated with a training worksop, which gave the possibility to train 19 orthopedic technicians and students and to donate new prostheses to 16 amputee patients.



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