The SwissABILITY Annual Report 2023 is finally online!

On April 6, 2024, the SwissABILITY’s Operational Team and the Board of Directors met with its ordinary and sympathizing members at the Annual General Assembly in order to present the Annual Report, with an eye on the future toward new and exciting challenges.

The 2023 was the year of growth and achievement of incredible goals for SwissABILITY. We set out to reach as many people with disabilities and amputations as possible by responding to the many requests for help from our partners in Africa.

And it was a great success!

We have reached numbers that only a year ago would have seemed unimaginable. Through eight training and exploratory missions, more than 400 amputees were able to benefit from a new prosthesis and 72 orthopedic technicians were trained in innovative low-cost technologies.

Through its local partners, the SwissABILITY team was also able to start the construction of an orthopedic centre in Senegal-which will open in April 2024-and supply a new rehabilitation centre in Ghana with machinery and materials.

SwissABILITY has also been active in advancing its community projects in Mozambique: 220 families have benefited from emergency kits and livelihoods, 20 climate-resilient family houses have been built, 130 farm animals and 40 transport vehicles have been donated.

It has been an incredible year, full of success and satisfaction that has brought with it a promise: to be there more and more in order to ensure that the tomorrow can be brighter than ever for everyone.



Annual Report 2023 | SwissABILITY