SwissAbility’s first mission was a true adventure. From 18th December to 4th December all 3 staff members explored various operating locations and facilitated 5 days of training in Mozambique.

During the 3 weeks they were in the country, the team made up of Roberto, Nicole and Alessandra visited 3 cities: The capital Maputo, Beira, a city in the central region and Pemba, in the north. The latter is one of the most impoverished cities of the nation as it is situated in a region under attack from terrorist incursions.

Meetings with various officials, tours to currant and future projects, visits to beneficiaries, times spent listening and facilitating specialised training for orthopedic technicians all contributed to the success of the mission and the satisfaction of those who participated.

The SwissABILITY team returned from Mozambique with an even greater determination to continue the projects they have started as well as create new ones. To ensure a dignified future for the Mozambiquan population, the felt needs they identified need to be addressed sooner rather than later.


To discover more about our mission in Mozambique, read our Mission Report:

December 2022 – Mission Report Mozambique