Sierra Leone was the location of the first 2024 mission, but this is not the first time SwissABILITY has traveled to the country. For several years, in fact, SwissABILITY has been working in the country with the goal of ensuring a stable present and future for war survivors and people with disabilities throughout the country, as well as to strengthen the skills of local orthopedic professionals.

Thanks to this new mission, 20 patients have regained their mobility and hope for the future. This achievement was made possible through the efforts of a large team of 16 technicians and students who, with great determination, acquired new skills to produce prostheses with high mobility and affordable costs.

SwissABILITY’s commitment in Sierra Leone is a long-term commitment: we have given our hearts to the country’s amputees and we will work to ensure that more and more people with disabilities can regain mobility and start a new life.



To learn more about the mission in Sierra Leone, read our Mission Report:

February 2024 – Mission Report Sierra Leone