Six months after its last mission to the country, SwissABILITY is consolidating its presence in Mozambique.

From June 5 to 9, 2023, training was indeed held for orthopedic professionals in new low-cost technologies suitable for the African context.

The goal of the mission was to train orthopedic technicians in Nampula and Lichinga to reach the majority of professionals in all northern regions. And to partially cover the country’s significant rehabilitation needs.

Civil war, congenital diseases, road and work accidents-these are the causes of most amputations. Thanks to the technological innovations that SwissABILITY presented during its training, it was possible to manufacture 12 above- and below-knee prostheses. Also the one of Joselina, the youngest patient in the history of SwissABILITY: she is only one year old, still not walking but has already received her first Monolimb, to learn from the very beginning how to live with a prosthesis. Nine professionals in the field also attended training in innovative technologies in the orthopedic sector, given by two trainers from Obra Dom Orione in Maputo. SwissABILITY delivered five wheelchairs, and through the partnership with Humanity & Inclusion (formerly Handicap International) it was possible to distribute another 20 wheelchairs in the following days.

This additional training in Mozambique, a country where SwissABILITY has a strong presence with a variety of projects, is a key piece in improving rehabilitation services in the country. The partnerships we have engaged in will enable us to continue our work in the country and expand more and more where the necessities are incalculable and the needs compelling.



To discover more about our mission in Mozambique, read our Mission Report:

June 2023 – Mozambique Mission Report