Another mission enhances SwissABILITY’s story and gives new hope to another African country!

From May 8 to 12, 2023, training was indeed held for orthopedic professionals in new low-cost technologies suitable for the African context.. This is the first in a cycle of trainings to be held in Sierra Leone starting in 2023.

This project came about because the rehabilitation needs in Sierra Leone are so large and are unfortunately only minimally fulfilled. There are in fact only five orthopedic centers in the entire country, there is a major shortage of materials for the production of prosthetics and orthotics, and -most importantly- the personnel employed are not qualified.

Thus, during the training week, the mobility of 14 amputee patients was restored, while eight others were included on a waiting list so that they can receive a new leg in the coming weeks with materials donated by SwissABILITY. 11 professionals in the field also attended training in innovative technologies in orthopedics, given by a group of specialists from Tanzania and Uganda, creating a fruitful South-South collaboration.

This training thus represents the first step in SwissABILITY’s journey in Sierra Leone, which will be a long and fruitful path.



To learn more about the mission in Sierra Leone, read our Mission Report:

May 2023 – Mission Report Sierra Leone