A successful training mission that marks the beginning of a multi-year partnership: this is how we can describe the first presence of SwissABILITY in Ghana.

In fact, since January 2023, SwissABILITY has been collaborating with its local partner OTC – Orthopedic Training Centre in Nsawam to equip with machinery and materials a new orthopedic centre in Walewale, in the northern part of the country. This project also includes a cycle of three trainings dedicated to professionals in the sector.

The first of these three missions is held in Nsawam, while the Walewale centre is under construction. During the training, 10 amputee patients received a new prosthesis and 23 orthopedic technicians were trained in innovative and low-cost technologies for the production of prostheses.
Nelson Mubiru, orthopedic technician and senior trainer, states with conviction: “In Ghana I found the best group of technicians I have ever trained. Attentive, precise and extremely interested in the low-cost technologies we have presented.”

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