On 1 October 2022, the first ever Non Profit Day in Ticino took place at Villa Negroni, It was organized by the Non Profit Competence Center (Cenpro) and sponsored by Credit Suisse.

The program was aimed at managers of projects and organization, collaborators, volunteers or committee members of any third Sector organizations operating in Ticino.

SwissABILITY team was eager to learn from this competent team. There were the SwissABILITY President Tomislav Matiević, the Executive Director Roberto Agosta and the Program Manager Alessandra Aries.

It was an engaging and stimulating day, which strengthened relational ties with the non-profit “community” in the Ticino area, as well as within the SwissABILITY team itself.

Marketing for non-profits, fundraising for individuals and foundations, stakeholder management, story-telling and co-planning were the main topics covered during the day. Emerging names in the sector and personalities with years of experience behind them were among the speakers, such as Roger Bergonzoli, a native of Ticino and the Best Fundraiser in Italy in 2017.

Thanks to Non Profit Day we have learned an important thing: always to thank. And the whole SwissABILITY team would like to thank Cenpro and Credit Suisse for the precious training day, see you next time!