Every year, the climate emergency deeply affects Mozambique. Between 2013 and 2022, the country experienced more than 25 natural disasters, such as floods and storms, which led to destruction, death and forced thousands of people to flee from their homes. The most devastating natural disasters occurred in early 2019, when, after the severe drought of 2015-2016, the provinces of Sofala and Cabo Delgado were hit by cyclones Idai and Kenneth, respectively. These were the deadliest and most destructive cyclones in the country’s history, causing severe crop losses and the destruction of infrastructure, properties, and the livelihoods of many families. Together, the two cyclones caused extensive damage to around 280,000 homes, 3,200 classrooms and at least 100 health facilities; displaced 420,000 people, injured nearly 1,700 people, killed 648 people, and left more than 2.2 million people in need of humanitarian assistance [1].

These days, Cyclone Freddy, which has already killed more than 200 lives between Malawi and Mozambique in just a few days, is bearing down on Mozambique. Rescuers fear further victims, as the hope of finding survivors in the devastated towns and villages dwindles by the hour. The cyclone, which hit southern Africa twice in three weeks, caused flooding and landslides.

SwissABILITY even before Freddy was involved in distributing emergency kits containing food, medicine and basic necessities to the most vulnerable people. And these days, together with its partner on the ground OLAPA, it continues in this work to assist and support the victims.

You can support the victims of Cyclone Freddy with a donation towards the distribution of emergency kits for victims of Cyclone Freddy at the following IBAN: CH17 0900 0000 1599 5536 2 or directly through our donation page.