The SwissABILITY adventure continues, from Senegal to The Gambia, for new rehabilitation projects!

From 20 to 28 February 2023, Executive Director Roberto Agosta travelled to these two countries to conduct a fruitful exploratory mission.

The aim of the mission was to strengthen cooperation with local partners and institutions in order to improve the efficiency of SwissABILITY’s work and to create or consolidate successful synergies. All for the benefit of the new SwissABILITY project that will take place in Ziguinchor, in the Casamance region of Senegal. This project aims to build an orthopedic centre, train local orthopedic technicians, and equip a mobile clinic in one of the cities with the highest concentration of amputees in the entire country and where rehabilitation services are absent or inefficient.

The mission also reached The Gambia, where the first orthopedic training of the three planned for the rehabilitation project in Senegal will take place in August 2023. It will be held in Banjul and will include technicians from Senegal, The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau. This choice was driven by the presence of our partner Legs4Africa in The Gambia, which was willing to collaborate with SwissABILITY and provide the center and materials.



To learn more about the mission to Senegal and The Gambia, read our Mission Report:

February 2023 – Mission Report Senegal and The Gambia